The term EP derives from the world of music, and is short for "Extended Play." In the world of music, an EP is a compilation of songs often created for promotional use, that covers the middle ground between a "single" and a full-length album...

So with that in mind, EP Showreels are taking the concept of a short promotional tool, designed to provide a sample of a musician's talent, and applying it to the world of acting & performance.


We are based in GREATER MANCHESTER and offer custom-made, digital actor showreels, that demonstrate the vast array of skills & attributes that you possess as an actor/performer...

Filmmaker: Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Mark gained his BA (Hons) in Film & Media Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University (2006) and Masters degree in Fiction Film Production from the University of Salford (2007).​

With a great understanding of film and filmmaking, Mark has lectured Film & Creative Media Production at a number of colleges and universities, including Burton and South Derbyshire College, Bradford College, Brooksby Melton College, Clarendon Sixth Form College and the University of Worcester.​

Whether working on a short film, documentary or music video, Mark is interested in creating work of a highly personal nature. His films often deal with the building and/or breaking down of a relationship and revolve around universal themes of longing and heartbreak: Wa/onder, Over and New are examples of this.​

In May 2015, he won the Five Lamps Films 24 Hour Film Challenge (Derby Film Festival) with his short, Cuddling A Monster, and the film was subsequently screened before features such as 'The Dark Knight Rises' at the Summer Nights Film Festival (Midlands, UK).

He has also collaborated with One Day Films Ltd. on a number of projects, including the feature films The Raven On The Jetty in 2013 (Cinematographer, Assistant Director, Assistant Editor, Colourist, Video Blog creator) and Cleft Lip in 2017 (Cinematographer & Assistant Director).

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